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Lisa Tubach

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

My work explores the intricacies of our natural world, with a particular dedication to marine environments. I am fascinated with the tension between the benthic zone and the surface, a space in constant motion. I am also motivated by dichotomy—particularly macro to micro relationships, or the teetering equipoise between health and illness.

In the spirit of the 19thc Naturalists, and such intrepid explorers as Jacques Cousteau and Sylvia Earle, my creative process has embraced the scientific notion of field work. I have participated in surveys of coral and related fish populations; coral “garden” maintenance; and most recently, I joined a team to work on shark conservation.

Working from underwater video footage and microscopic imaging that I acquire myself, the resulting images are both factual and inventive. Ultimately, the work is intended as a form of documentation of what we are losing and what we need to fight to preserve.

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