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Lisa Iglesias

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I make a wide variety of objects and most often use drawing as a lens through which to process the world. Hilary Frank’s podcast title, The Longest Shortest Time, is an appropriate description for a range of durational qualities – whether related to raising a child, eroding a coastline, or drawing a line – and I’m curious about playing with these various temporalities.

Rather than working in a linear path, the projects I make are based on constellations of association. In recent works I’ve collaged together all the mountain images I can collect while taking my son for walks in Florida, drawn stones we have found together, and attempted to render counterfeits of natural imagery I find in everyday products such as contact paper and calendars. The process of drawing found images allows me to thoughtfully translate and consider incomprehensible notions such as geological time and the futility of reproducibility.

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