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Linda Hall

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Like items from a sixteenth century curiosity cabinet, my objects aim to provide evidence of another reality, perhaps a deeper reality than what this world is made of. I hope to create a reconnection with what is wild within the natural world while reigniting with is wild within us. At a time when the wilderness is becoming known and loosing it’s awe and mystery, we suffer from this lack of disconnection.

I put humans and animals into the same space that is charged with mystery. The animal forms made from found handmade textiles such as quilts, tatting and embroidery that have their own history. I give them a second life in sculptures I call “containers for spirit”.

I plan to continue the investigation of this interconnectedness by making sculptures of extinct animals such as an ivory-billed woodpecker, and short nosed bear that once inhabited North America. They will be made of delicate white fabric. They would hang from the ceiling in postures as they lived.

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