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Linda Hall

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

It is a mystery to me why I am repeatedly compelled to combine what is human and what is animal in the same space, place or form. My work is a manifestation of this search. I seek to understand the complicated and ultimately unanswerable question of who we are as human beings, as animals and the broad spectrum of what we are capable of.

I am fascinated by how this relationship reveals itself in fairy tales, medieval bestiaries, in re-wilding studies of extinct animals, and in our current environmental crisis.

It seems that as humans evolve, we are increasingly disconnected from or in conflict with nature. My artwork is a playful and poignant way of reconnecting this separation. The art is an invitation to a sacrament not unlike ancient rituals where a human assumes the spirit of the animal by wearing its skin to understand its power and its plight.

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