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Lily Kuonen

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

PLAYNTING, a self-prescribed moniker and philosophy for my studio production, involves the synthesis of painting with additional forms, materials, surfaces, and actions (PLAY + PAINTING). Through my production of PLAYNTINGS, I develop related works that involve an investigation of the intricate history I am creating by re-purposing materials. These works consider a genealogy or lineage within my practice that follows lines of form, material, and content relationships to interact with temporality and fragility (including pressure, balance, interdependence, and reliance). I also source word pairings, arrangements of language/text, and visual patterning to construct layered and often times contradictory statements and surfaces. These works explore intermediacy, the state of being in between, in order to challenge, subvert, or exploit beyond a base structure of meaning. In my studio practice, text, writing, drawing, painting, and construction are not punctuated; they are symbiotic mergers

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