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Leslie Elliottsmith

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

I work in a variety of mediums - painting and photography mostly, but also clay, fibers, and woodworking. As with most artists, multi-tasking is a way of life. Having an active observant mind is the key to creation. No matter which material is chosen, the goal is to engage the viewer with a narrative.
My symbolic fantasies show the destruction of the environment, passage of time, regeneration, and the leftover structures of society. Water imagery is a prevalent symbol of change, being that I grew up in an area under sea level and water was only held back by levees. Symbols such as birds (messengers), nests (home), branches (transformation), feathers (virtues), boats (journeys), cloaks (shields from harm), flowers (purity), and floating figures (observers) appear frequently. How has man influenced and changed the natural environment that surrounds us? How can we as citizens protect our environment?

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