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Leigh Suggs

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I am interested in the “in-between” space during the act of seeing. This space lies on the spectrum of the reality in front of us and what our brain tells us. It is within this “pure” space, that an individual can experience an unaltered and unaffected vision. While this purity can only exist for a fleeting moment, that moment defines the highest peak of personal experience. After this moment passes, it can never be the same. We are constantly bearing witness to the inexpressible, and this fleeting moment of pure seeing is something we should all revel in.

Using small components such as hand-cut strips or hole punches of reflective silver or vibrant neon-colored materials, I weave and assemble precise shapes, patterns and grids. My meticulous surfaces, both seductive and confrontational to the human eye, provoke acute responses and constantly changing visual experiences.

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