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Lee Sipe
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I appreciate the unusual beauty in the common, the simple, and the ordinary, as well as the beauty of form and detail. The shapes, textures, and colors that I use in my work derive from my childhood exposure to everyday life. When I started creating art, these shapes, forms, designs, and textures were unconsciously transmitted to my work.
I am now working with pine needles, raffia, and clay, and I also make vessels from copper wire, silver-plated wire, and copper strips. I love the rich colors, the flexibility, and the infinite number of shapes that I can create using these media. I twine the wire around copper spokes to create my vessels, and the shape is spontaneous. I often melt the tips of the spokes. Depending on the effect I want to create, some are tips hammered flat and others are left as spheres

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