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Lawrence Philp

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I make mixed media paintings that are made on canvas or board and utilize a variety of paint layers which are either painted, brushed or poured onto the surface. My initial work in this area found me including: painted cardboard relief, paper mache, cut paint skins, scraped and poured paint. The relief surfaces are also comprised of and may include, paint skins, paint scraped onto and across the substrate surface with a scraper or a squeegee. Painted surfaces are brushed, poured,taped or collaged with additive elements like paint permeated newspaper which is cut, rolled and dropped in the paintings. Painting is this manner has allowed me to enliven my painting surfaces and emboldend me to take some chances with material use, subject matter and a my personal painter's arguement about what should and shouldn't comprise the materials and methods of making a painting. The name of the current painting series is the Summer/Garage/Music series.

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