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Lauri Stallings

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I am a conceptual artist who strives to experiment with new ways of delivering performance experience aspiring to stimulate senses, provoke dialogue and activate minds. I am obsessed with perceptions of who we are alone vs. who we are together, and in my practice I reassess my views of what family is, offering other frequencies and mind spaces to communicate in. I do this by having dialogue with venues and collaborating with art forms then I transpose these conversations onto living bodies and into precarious installation atmospheres and state. Place is a body form to me, I interpret how it’s postured in a community, what it feels, and like a breathing body, I suggest its every inch has transformative powers. Then I invite the public in as a collaborator and family. I ask how far can we go together in a world that oftentimes feels like it's wrestling us apart.

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