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Lauren Woods

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My current body of work is an ongoing visual development of a personal myth. Influenced by the grand narrative of western art history, along with religious iconography and story-telling traditions, I stage scenes overwrought with artifice to create a delusive vision of whimsical romance. Through a thinly-veiled veneer of lightheartedness, paintings become a theatrical space to examine notions of gender, sentimentality, desire, power, beauty and death. Poetic situations emerge from mixing revered sources with disoriented signs of masculinity and femininity. Through the practice of painting, I can utilize the medium's potential for ambiguity to create images that are at once singular and unchanging, while simultaneously remaining vulnerable to individual interpretation. This allows my work to exist in a space that continually oscillates between conflicting states, such as informed innocence, playful seriousness, perverse prettiness, clandestine sincerity and contemporary nostalgia.

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