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Lauren Howard

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I am interested in the dichotomies of emotion associated with one’s relationship to home. Defensiveness and aggression, apathy and empathy, and the inevitability of either acceptance or resignation are portrayed in drawings and installed environments. While navigating through a world of intimacy and uncertainty, of satisfaction or regret, I aim to explore these stages of emotion that are directly bound to the environment in which we were raised.
My work stems from a need to understand the impetus for self-deprecative action and indignation, particularly as a female, and how it relates to one’s feelings of home. The work is a vehicle by which to express these underlying aggressive feelings that are directly tied to my own feminine self, which is a direct aversion to my traditional upbringing. With a conscious tenderness, I observe and perhaps scrutinize the stereotypes consistent with the Male and Female of the South by reconstructing broken, yet clear memories of growing up in a s

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