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Lauren Adams
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

At the core of my work are critical explorations of labor and class. I draw heavily upon the historical decorative arts to find contradictions within the contexts they originated. In my work, objects such as wallpaper patterns, architectural ornament, and historical paintings do not simply reflect the mood of a given culture but are also tools for critique.
Alongside painting and mixed-media installations, I use domestic materials in my research on the construction of political identity. I utilize repetitive patterns as both surface background noise and as a site for visualizing crisis and conflict. In these patterns, I alter and manipulate both the images they depict and the notions of authoritative taste they promote.
Archival remnants and my own personal inquiries constitute an open-ended process of asking how the decorative arts participate, either actively or silently, in promoting or reflecting dominant ideologies of social hierarchy, political authority, and cultural fantasy.

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