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Larry Walker

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My work throughout the past 50 years has centered on the notion that dual spaces exist in a physical as well as a psychological context. Where there is a positive - there is a negative; an interior exists along with an exterior. This was the premise of my wall series and the earlier truck series.

In the recent “Metamorphosis Series”...human and animal-like images meld into other images suggesting a perceptual and philosophical celebration of duality. This, the interplay between good & evil; reality & spirituality, life & death and other spatial concepts inspires contemplation and creative productivity in my work. Such activity has touched socio-political issues and urban-rural concepts, which relate to my experiences over the years.

The components of the creative process and my use of composition and design elements combine with my views on spatial order to generate a compelling sense of presence in the work.

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