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Lance Turner

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

These paintings started out as projected line drawings and photographic collage
that describe relationships to my friends on social media. The subject matter is loosely inspired by 90s skateboard graphics, noisy feedback, Winter and Spring, and color’s ability to transform greyscale images. Leaving brushstrokes in the painting is a way to conflate the room as a portrait of the viewer with autobiographic subject matter. Color and line quality are the subjective content that inform the feeling of place, yet the paintings usually change according to many divergent systems.

Through grids, cascading windows and reformatting, the painted image can act as a GIF by digitally repeating into larger versions of itself. These paintings are about creating overall experiences for the viewer. In 3 dimensional space, the viewer can actually go through a window into another painting while placed mirrors allow the viewer to recreate the space and their relationship to it through their act of seeing.

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