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Kristine Potter

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Kristine Potter is a lens-based artist whose work routinely explores notions of American identity, masculine archetypes, and cultural tendencies toward mythologizing our past. This newest body of work “Dark Waters,” takes root in and around bodies of water named for violence in the American South. “Murder Creek,” “Bloody River,” and “Rape Pond” are examples, although there are many. The landscapes are interweaved with portraits made near the water as well as conceptual portraits made in response to the gendered violence found in the music of the region; specifically murder ballads. A film piece is being created that includes new performances of these songs in an atmospheric installation that will create the feeling of walking into a small bar in the south with male singers performing these ballads. The work is an investigation of the lingering violence in the southern landscape as well as a meditation on the continued enjoyment and commodification of violent acts against women.

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