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Kristin Meyers

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

In my work, I engage in ritual practice to explore the human condition. Ritual is combustible; by that I mean ritual practice engages in a combination of actions that combust to transform energies. Within its practice, ritual creates a realm in which time is completely modified. Rituals explore universal life truths, distilling a myriad of experience into a beautifully choreographed dance. Our collective connections are evident within these explosive celebrations of universal truths.

In process, the work begins with sensitivity to collecting objects resonating with traces of human engagement. These imbued objects often offer inspiration toward the direction and articulation of the piece. The energies encapsulated within the objects are combined with other objects of interest, which each bring their own evidence of human engagement. Together they are fermented, contained together in an effort to meld the energy as one.

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