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Kristin Casaletto

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Kristin Casaletto’s art charts an aggressive exploration of the ethics and politics of race, class, gender, and citizenship in a super power nation. Her art springs from an impulse to draw, both as a means of contemplation and of action. The work, sometimes monumentally scaled, fuses fine art media and techniques with less orthodox materials such as food, insects and sound. Casaletto’s current work includes two series. Self-portraits as America consists of paintings, drawings, and sculptures that play on ‘high’ and ‘low’ self-imagery to pose a sophisticated critique of contemporary 'selfie' culture, vanity, and materialist values. The American Parable series offers secular parables for our time. These unconventional prints, drawings, paintings, and objects draw on the American ethos to generate an iconography whose nuanced implications exact an examination of conscience and a sense of foreboding. Casaletto exhibits internationally. Her work is held in numerous museum collections.

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