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Kristen Tordella-Williams

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

I consider myself a conceptual artisan whose interdisciplinary practice includes processes such as video, performance, woodworking, printmaking, hand papermaking, metal casting, and collaboration combined with materials commonly found in the recycling bin or hardware stores. The resulting artworks display the impressions of labor found found from the past to the present in our bodies and communities. Each of my highly crafted artworks combine process and materials to connote a concept, such as displaying the corrosive impact of white supremacy through the creation of a stack of handmade black denim paper slowly eroding underneath a dropper full of bleach. The production of my works often involves laborious repetition that result in final forms such as a series of burnt reference book pages embedded in cotton paper or a memorial iron wreath consisting of castings of workers' feet surrounded by forest detritus. While I celebrate labor and community; I also critique contemporary culture.

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