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Kristen Stucky
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

I use simple methods – eyes open, focus, patience. Refreshing technique.
Eyes open, looking every direction, all senses alert until the focal point is revealed.
My primary focus: Nature, ocean, shoreline, aquarium/zoo life, sky, historical sites and iconic destinations.
Goal of my photos: The viewer has a thought-provoking moment to an otherwise “typical” subject, creating a WOW factor. Seeing something in a new way.
All-Encompassing Audience: Tourists, Vacationers, Locals.
I capture a completely new perspective. Those passing the same spot every day, whether walking the dog, rushing to the car, waiting for the bus/uber. I’ll capture the smallest detail, at the highest spot, or under a leaf. I change the perspective, make a fresh visual.
The best compliment: “Thank You! I walk past that spot every day, and never, ever noticed! Can’t wait until tomorrow, you’ve moved me! Thank you!”

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