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Krista Grecco

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

I am infatuated with nostalgia, that seductive little emotion fueled by our past. Nostalgia is at once romantic and painful, rousing a range of emotions from the sugar sweet to the acidic sour. This duality is at the core of my work, sweet and sour serve as the catalyst that pits color, form, texture and emotion in opposition.

The humans and animals I create feel the push and pull between happy and sad, old and new, beautiful and ugly. Their stories are personal, born from life experiences and the stories of those who have shared their love, companionship and knowledge with me. The women are not anonymous but they try to keep secrets and want to appear mysterious. The animals wish they were human, but just can’t ignore their natural instincts. Woman, child, bear and rat each strive to be more and have more, most of the time they fail miserably.

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