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Kirsten Stolle
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My work examines the influence of agribusiness and biotech companies on our food supply, and considers the connection between corporate interests and public health. Using appropriation, distortion, and redaction I explore the complex relationship between economy and ecology. I have recently broadened my interest into the area of facial recognition technology and its impact on individual privacy and psychological health.

I am engaged in the intersection of art and science and the potential for art to bring new perspectives to contemporary scientific issues. With drawing as my primary medium, I use gouache, graphite, ink, and collage to create hybridized versions of seemingly familiar yet peculiar scenarios. Using reference materials such as vintage medical books, 20th century agricultural magazines, USDA promotional videos, and mid-century chemical company print advertisements, I strive to create elegant environments within the context of disturbing genetic realities.

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