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Kip Bradley

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I am interested in the contradictions of painting as illusionary window and object. Working in oil enamel paint on aluminum these works possess a contradictory image of perceived space and actual space. The shaped, aluminum surface, and the painted geometric forms juxtapose the flatness of surface against an illusionist space.

Each element of the painting is reliant on its contradictory counterparts in order to be recognized, while creating experiences of multiplicity. The atmospheric spatial effects of the surface are more tangible when contrasted to the geometric painted forms but these elements also emphasize the painted flatness of the objects. Material objects cannot exist without space and similarly space cannot be determined without material objects.

Through a conflict between what is intuitively known and what is optically perceived I am able to create a destabilizing image. The paintings utilize a materialist language of form while maintaining formlessness.

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