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Kip Bradley

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I have always been interested in the magic, adventure, and sublime intimacy in art as a means for perceptual understanding and kind of presentness. The techniques and efforts necessary to render 3 dimensions on a flat surface can be awe inspiring. The inherent contradiction of the created illusion against it’s surface is very much part of this sublime experience.
These paintings are driven by a challenge to find a materialist expression for this experience in both making paintings and interacting with painting. Created with oil enamel paint on aluminum the works juxtapose perceived space to physical space.
Through an established conflict between what is intuitively known and what is optically perceived I am able to create a destabilizing image. This image places the viewer in opposition to the continually self-decomposing logic of the image. The viewer is left with the irresolution of his or her own experience.

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