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Kiki Farish
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

“I have always thought of extremes as being far apart but now realize, and build compositions to express, how extremely close they are,” says Raleigh artist Kiki Farish, a 2014-2015 N.C. Arts Council Fellowship recipient. Farish’s work conjures a dense, yet evanescent, layering of marks, lines, shades, and text often drawing on the natural world for its subject matter yet taking the viewer far beyond. Like work by Jim Dine and Paul Hartley, Farish’s marks have moments of clarity with lost edges and ambiguities, veiling her subjects through abstractions. Symbolic meanings and visual attributes of flowers, placement of text, and emotional marks, are visual fragments meant to be read.
Abstraction and realism are woven together by adding and subtracting marks; expressing emotion and suppressing it. Her intent is to draw the viewer in, capture attention insisting on more than a glance. The idea of a steel-magnolia does not feel like recompense for the loss of the sacred feminine, or not.

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