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Kiki Farish
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Opposites circle around and visually cohere to express how close extremes can be. The resulting worlds are largely beautiful, while slightly chaotic. Words may appear, but are muffled by marks and pudenda. Organics, rendered with great tenderness, are often past their prime. Nothing in these worlds seems rooted or solid; they’re fleeting, uncertain, shifting. Places of absolutes are not found, rather these worlds are built on the ambiguity of chromatic grays – there are no sure or easy answers. Emotion is validated and questions are raised about hierarchies and rankings.

Gender equality struggles as opposites. Do we know enough about women’s bodies to control them through legislation? My practice explores the patriarchal constructs which bore our present culture’s value of sexual modesty and limits our understanding of a woman’s right to sexual autonomy. Could it be used as practical tools to influence and communicate - not just as some esoteric, arty thing in a studio?

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