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Kiki Farish
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Do we know enough about women’s bodies to control them through legislation? To invite consideration of this question, my interactive artworks tap the power of naming the “vulva.” Drawing into the vernacular the body part that brings women pleasure, de-emphasizes the “vagina” which brings men the most pleasure.
Participants are challenged to navigate doormats on the floor exposing the habitual, complicit behavior of dominion over nature, women and girls. Public interaction with the drawing test reveals a variety of narratives about this part of a woman’s body. Vulva shapes alluding to Saint Mary and religious significance often inform the drawing test solutions - including the conception that the vulva is life giving, revered and unexploited. Sacred text exists, but its role is uncertain as organic forms push and pull for dominance. By linking feminine traits with nature, and visual language with verbal, my work raises questions about hierarchies and rankings.

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