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Kiki Farish
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My work conveys the emotional conflict I experience in repeated attempts to purge the patriarchal and religious constructs governing my life.

Lessons learned since childhood are revealed through drawings and floor cloths (doormats). Repeated alphabets and feminine forms evoke memories of learning through repetition. Beautiful flowers and nest-like organics with sensual twists and turns compel the gaze to come closer, as if toward an unfolding religious experience. The Word, barely there, draws the viewer in. Sacred text exists, but its role is uncertain as organic forms push and pull for dominance. By linking feminine traits with nature, and visual language with verbal, my work raises questions about hierarchies and rankings.

American prowess is not fully informed. We are comfortable with the female as mysterious. We lack visual literacy skills. I believe the two are linked resulting in marginalization of the feminine voice and it's power.

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