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Kiki Farish
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Being grasped by ambiguous messy continuums rather than caught up in girl boy binaries - is for me, Eden’s paradise. I am interested in visually telling stories that link us rather than rank us over each other and nature. Ranking is so embedded in our social constructs, it is often invisible. Awareness is the first step to changing the narrative and our complicit behavior. I started 2017 using the vulva as source material because it is a prime example of the disparity of knowledge about women. Basic facts about female genitalia are not known and understood well enough to be legislated nor should they be. This custom of treating women’s sexuality as a commodity is a means of control and ranking. It is another example of how a binary approach fails both women and men. Imagine if early education included a reverence for feminine attributes. My work invites closer inspection, tempting awareness of gender inequality, challenging archetypes embedded in religion and the broader society.

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