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Kevin Morrissey
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

The Instruments of Grace series addresses reflections and deliberations on dualities in spirituality. The images are painted on old tools using enamel paints. The old tools are mostly found objects worn down from a life time of service to symbolize work and free will. Icons layered on top of the tools developed from historical and personal references: Crucifixes referencing Christianity; Skulls referencing colonial graven images of humanism, doubt, and sin; Skulls with wings referencing colonial graven images of ascension and faithfulness; Spirits referencing the Holy Spirit and personal ghosts; Doves referencing colonial graven images of angels; Rubies and Diamonds referencing greed, wealth and power; Hearts referencing love and grace. Works in the Instruments of Grace series express conflict in coexisting dualities: faith + doubt; free will + predestination; wealth + wisdom; sin + salvation; and the durability of grace.

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