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Kerry Phillips

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Eliciting relationships of a collective narrative while challenging notions of place and consumption, I work with tacitly rich objects that are borrowed, discarded, or collected to create sculptures and installations. I invite others to share their things, gather all of a particular kind of thing from my studio, or collect others’ castoffs. I work intuitively, responding to sites and available materials in a playful way, creating a candid representation, or inventory, of specific moments. In this process, my work honors the memory that the object holds—of those who have touched the object, loved it, passed it down, left it behind, used it, and eventually discarded it—opening the door for new connections to be formed and the terms of value to be reevaluated. The inherent value of a thing lies in the stories attached to it, and a shared story can transfer an object’s value to another and another and then another.

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