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Kerry Phillips

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My parents grew up on family farms. One grandmother collected things (kept things) and the other was a Grand Storyteller. Both influenced me greatly. This is my work—retelling the story through kept objects. The stories we live everyday, the stories we remember and the ones we desperately try to forget. Ours is a shared story—and we’re lost when we forget this. And we’ve forgotten for some time now.

I make sculpture, installation & performance using common yet beautifully rich objects, often overlooked, available in a given place at a given time—from things found to collected experiences and retold stories.

My work honors the memory the object holds—of those who have touched it, loved it, passed it down, left it behind, used it, and eventually discarded it—and beckons you to see anew your relationships and your stories reflected in the objects and stories assembled together.

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