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Kenn Kotara
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

I both initiate and respond to various inspirational catalysts, ranging from diverse cognitive issues to notions of nature and human nature. Various systems – geometry, biology, history, language - are utilized to explore metaphorical and symbolic connections through form and manipulation of space.

All works convey both specificity & mystery in geometric compositions shaping iconic forms into narratives adhered to memory. Utilizing the grid imposes rule-based systems in an ask-answer sequence in a rational application, broadening the perspective of human intervention through diagrammatic cartography. Synthesis via the identification of information relevant to relationships, the topographical surface is slowly built upon its own materiality.

Along with backgrounds in graphic design and architecture, my southern roots permeate all work. The intent is to work through the process, searching for forms allowing the reveal. It is only then that I can arrive at a conclusion.

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