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Kelly Kristin Jones

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My relationship to the photographic medium is flexible as I play along the edges of culture and pick at relationships between performance and documentation.

Vacant Domain is a reconfiguration of the urban landscape in metro-Atlanta. As the city rapidly reorganizes itself around gentrification, there remain numerous empty lots and barren swaths of land. I use the camera to bring together and flatten these landmasses, thereby creating a more pronounced space and inviting new consideration.

After making careful tracings of every vacant property in a given neighborhood I place them atop the sky as photographed from one of the included lots. The images, all titled with their respective neighborhood locations and date, reflect both the blight and optimism that each attempts to balance amidst transition. I am interested in how we, the urban dwellers, are implicated and reflected in our environment - a setting often so familiar it becomes invisible. These restructured landscapes a

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