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Kelly Heaton

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I am an artist and engineer who works in multiple media. I am fascinated by electricity: its role as the spark of life, the synapses of consciousness, and the medium that empowers our current culture. I encourage my audience to see machines like organisms with anatomy, lifespan, and maybe even soul. Conversely, machines have empowered humans to tinker with all forms of life, upended our sacred beliefs, and ushered a new geologic era. Modern society’s greatest achievements are dependent on an essentially continuous supply of manmade electricity. People are increasingly distanced from nature and prone to environmental abuse, which does not bode well for future generations. What happens when the grid goes dark, even for a mere century? I feel a sense of urgency in my work to document the psychology, spirituality, and culture of a civilization dependent upon manmade electricity.

I was born in North Carolina and live in Virginia.

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