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Kelli Kelley

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

I draw inspiration from the personal and the sociopolitical, moved by the exquisite beauty in the world, as well as the absurdity and ugliness. Figures, animals, and objects appear in metaphorical narratives, which explore humankind’s connections, disconnections and impact on the natural world. I create surfaces using re-purposed materials, which are embedded with meaning. For a decade, I have painted on vintage domestic linens, referencing traditional women’s handicrafts. The (developing) “Dominion” pieces are painted over my child’s collaged school papers, and explore the shifting nature of human autonomy in light of our increasing dependence on technological devices. I am interested in seeing how meanings arise and change when recognizable things are juxtaposed or depicted in unexpected ways. I cannot help but reflect on the current fragility of our time, and hope that through my work, viewers find a place of repose; an opening for contemplating our world in new ways.

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