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Kathy Moore
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My work manipulates the intrinsic meaning and connotations of familiar objects-their historical context and an individuals associations. Objects, like words, are loaded with both personal implications and context. Memory, and the allure of nostalgia, is a key element. For some, the almost irresistible desire to idealize the past transports them to the colloquial “simpler time”. My work relies on the viewer’s subjective view of the objects while ultimately manipulating their own personal memories. The repeating elements of birds, bees, nests, and rhythmic connotations are in reference to change in contrast with ever-present natural occurrences.
In my assemblages, these found objects are combined with encaustic and other elements to become a cohesive whole. The objects themselves serve different purposes—sometimes it’s the functionality, the shape, color, or texture that drives the composition.
For me, assemblage has infinite possibilities for combination and expression.

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