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Kathryn Mixon
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My practice pivots on a system of tillage. After applying numerous layers of oil to panel, I gouge the painted surface and mill the monochrome strata into an all-over, optical field. The harvested chips of paint are seeds for new work: when mature, they yield further seed-producing organisms. Surface erosion exposes layered inner cavities (intentions behind the intention), and panel paintings sprout like germs from engineered studio conditions.

Generative and entropic, my practice is a study of natural and industrial logic. I mechanize paintings from potential to product through the vernacular of farming. The works are grounded in a primal, pared-down aesthetic that reflects my sense of the world as an ensemble of repetitions and variations of our habits and habitations. Like the evidence of terroir in wine or tomatoes, each painting embodies the incessant material exchange in a self-producing network.

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