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Kathryn Freeman

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I have always felt that growing up in the country in southern Virginia and spending much of my young life playing in the woods fueled my artistic life and is the inspiration for most of my paintings. My fascination with storytelling and treading the delicate balance between dream and reality has also been a catalyst and constant source of ideas. I love fairy tales, myths and folk tales, and in my mind I am able to see the wonder behind everyday existence, and interpret the allegory and symbolism of ordinary things. Trees have a special significance for me as huge silent witnesses to multiple generations of humans and their experience. When I walk down a trail in the forest, I sense the presence of those who have walked there before me as well as the potential for fantasy and reverie. In my paintings I try to create harmonious order out of the confusion and randomness of everyday existence - order in which form and content merge to create a convincing world and a believable narrative.

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