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Kathleen Pompe
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I approach image capture with a sense of serendipity; my eyes take in appealing fragments and moments in time. Later, in characteristic post-visualization style, I assemble and organize some of the selections into segmented narratives to form a narrative of occurrences. I’ve works in narratives for many years, first separating them in window mats, but still grouping them together in one overall mat, so that the storyline remained intact. For the past decade, I’ve literally juxtaposed segments to facilitate the storyline being read two different ways. First, the viewer has the opportunity to read the image as individual disparate segments, focusing as the eye does, on one plane of focus at a time. Then second, to read the entire image as one collage composition, with all segments as a cohesive, harmonious arrangement. Another group of works, the Sweetgrass series of twelve images, is meant to be exhibited in a grid design, reminiscent of the early, separate, window mat images.

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