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Kathleen Pompe
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Artist Statement: Coastal Series

South Carolina’s coast has an ever-changing, dynamic shoreline. My focus with this current group of images is to explore both the extraordinary beauty as well as the nature of change within this space. What naturally occurs along this coast is real, but in my images this reality is blurred with personal interpretations. For this series, I’ve selected two island areas, one a barrier island State Park (Hunting Island) the other a protected sand spit island (Deveaux Bank) where a critical seabird sanctuary is located. And though I recognize and respond to the natural beauty there, my thoughts modify and create an image that mixes what’s real with imagined, altered components. For example, the ocean’s force produces a riveting vortex, the sky alters its color, the collapsed tree limbs appear to intensify then become extremely entangled, and signs to block one’s passage are challenged. I approach my respective shoreline with chance and coincidence.

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