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Katherine Strause

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Found photographs are source materials for these paintings. The compositions created allow us to witness familiar stories from our past. By altering and editing provocative subject matter begins to emerge. The experiences are familiar, joy, heartache, pain and survival. Part documentary, part naturalistic expression, these paintings examine familiar topics of gender, class, social movements and a genuine shared existence.

Current work surrounds the Home Demonstration movement in the south from the 20’s through the present. This social program elevated the health and standard of living for the poorest among us through thrift, economy and education.

Hunger and poverty are still serious threats. In 2013 Arkansas ranked #1 in the nation having households that are considered low food security. Arkansas also ranked #2 in people that don't know where their next meal is coming from and 25% of our States seniors age 60 and older face the threat of real hunger.

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