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Katherine Karban
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

My work focuses on pattern, textures, and the meaning that items can have to an individual’s personal history. Traditionally, pattern has been important to self-perception as people relate imagery to their specific family or to personal experiences. Patterns and symbols convey feelings, represent ideals, or represent memories. A piece of fabric holds significance in the lives of many: a piece of clothing gifted, a family heirloom, or comfortable hand-me-downs. I am interested in these stories and how people relate their own self-image to a visual pattern. My work begins as a conversation with each subject, discussing abstract interpretations of ourselves. This could be a realistic flower motif because a subject is attracted to nature’s comfort and sees herself as a practical person seeking factual answers. Together we find the story and figure out how to reflect their story in my work through visual patterns, words, or whatever means are necessary.

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