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Katelyn Chapman
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

The scope of my work explores episodes of working-class life and culture in America’s rural South through the lens of my own family and friends in the Midlands of South Carolina through both history and storytelling. The ever-evolving notions and characteristics of rural culture in the American South are imbedded in the traces and residue of human touch framed through the still life and souvenir as collections. By painting these accounts, I celebrate, honor, and show reverence towards the customs and traditions of the rural working-class South. Viewing paintings as souvenir, the work spans past and present tenses, but also questions the future; thereby fully engaging with the contemporary world. These paintings are ultimately an endeavor to generate and archive a selection of personal memories, anecdotes, and experiences that others might not have ever seen or remembered if they were never replicated.

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