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Kate Roberts
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Growing up in the South I lived between myth and truth, between appearance and reality, between life and death, between the past and the present. It is exploring this moment in-between that is at the foundation of my work. I construct and weave using clay in various states, meticulously crafting the ravages of time, to depict fleeting, fragile moments and to examine the temporary physicality of an object, space, or idea. Accumulation and deterioration; solidity and transparency; entrapment and protection; order and chaos are material and organizational polarities that cause the work to teeter on the edge of viability in a perpetual state of in-between. This push and pull, parallels our relationship with the natural world. Nature bares life, nature takes life away, humanity resists, but nature in the end has the final say. In questioning the consequences, I create work to find the beauty and the unrest in this temporal state.

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