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Kate Hooray Osmond
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

We are remarkable. With creativity and perseverance, we have
harnessed nature, visited other celestial bodies, created
skyscrapers. We humans foster our surroundings and imbue culture
and industry. Yet, we view our environment as being separate from
Daily life seems more complex and challenging and decisions
more difficult. We often yearn for simpler things, and try to shun
the powerful and beautiful things which we have the capacity to
create. This robs us of understanding.
My focus through my work is to close the gap that lies
between how we see ourselves and how we see our world. In order
to resolve our place in life, the first step is to be aware of where we
are and how we got here- the systems that we use, the structures we
create. Humans create amazing things and we often don’t have the
tools to see our own impact. A change of perspective helps.
My work pulls the viewer from the traditional point of view
to grant a bigger, more clear picture.

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