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Kate Burke

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

I explore the hidden, often ceremonial, aspects of personal thinking. My works employ the motif of repetition to emphasize the subtle jealousies, personal doubts, and confusions that ricochet and echo throughout our minds. The landscape of our brains can feel endless, with thoughts copying-and-pasting into oblivion. I strive for my works to feel "groundless" and "intangible," as if they lack materiality and are simply floating. As thoughts are not something we can grasp and physically control, I've aimed for something that strikes a balance between tactility, intimacy, and ethereality. The motif of repetition also brings in a layer of "ceremony." Surrounding ideas of chants, prayers, and mantras, my work is inspired by what happens to our perspectives when we repeat a phrase over and over again. Does the phrase shift our thought processes and integrate itself into our beliefs? Does it evolve into "truth" or "Truth"?

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