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Kara Gunter
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

“The opposite is beneficial; from things that differ comes the fairest attunement; all things are born through strife.” -Heraclitus

It is my belief that we are each a marrying of two. In actuality, it is likely more complex than this, but I have the thought that we are all essentially dichotomies. We each possess opposite but equal parts. Some halves are hidden (but no less powerful), some halves push and pull against each other, some halves harmonize. Sometimes the two selves quarrel, and sometimes the two selves complement each other. It’s easy to identify some dichotomies in ourselves: we all tend to recognize that we can have both male and female attributes, or attributes that we might associate with “good” or “bad”. But we also are far more subtle and complex than that, especially in a dream state where lines between consciousness and unconsciousness can blur and become indistinct.

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