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Kara Artman
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Having long endeavored to learn an array of traditional techniques, my work forms organically, it is not hemmed in by the constructs of a given field but draws upon a cross pollination between disparate disciplines.

Starting with the collection of materials, I begin contemplation, sometimes years pass collecting a specific material before conception, other times I know what the objects future holds moments after discovery. These epiphanies are then refined through diligent research into the objects themselves. The democratic accessibility of information through the internet, exemplified by the digitization of institutional archives, allows research at levels once attainable only through physical access. This grants insight far beyond a simple ‘what is it’ and allows comprehension of, the interwoven layers; technology, history, and commerce, that effect all things.

Distilled to its essence, my work explores an untraditional approach to traditional materials and techniques.

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