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Julia Morrisroe

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My paintings are a reflection on the question that underlies all my work, what does it take to make a painting today? The field of painting has undergone a new seismic shift. Over a hundred years ago photography came along to capture a persons likeness, displacing the tradition of portrait painting. Recently, however, change has come from digital technologies and the plethora of images that stream in front of our eyes. It is the flood of images and their hyper-linked state that is the focus of my research. Images can be replicated, expanded, enhanced or associated with other images (relevant or not) instantaneously. This simultaneity of image and experience has led to images becoming hyper-contextualized. The image can no longer exist as a single painting but belongs, according to David Joselit, to a network. Working through contemporary abstraction I create clusters of paintings installed as a collective to explore this hyper-contextualized condition.

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